Living Within the Pages – Book Review #12

27 01 2011

Title: Firelight

Author: Sophie Jordan

Series: Firelight (#1)

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.02

Alex’s Rating: 3.75

Firelight is the story of 16 year old Jacinda, a human girl who can shift into draki form. Draki are descendants of dragons and have assumed human shifting abilities because of evolution. Draki live in prides and are governed by an alpha male. Jacinda’s family is no exception, however she is bent press on defying her pride and breaking the rules they have in place. One night she breaks an unforgiveable rule and she suffers the consequences throughout the rest of the book.

The story follows Jacinda, her mother, and twin sister Tamra in their adventure into the human world, away from their draki pride. Her mother let her inner draki die a long time ago and her sister Tamra never “manifested,” or was able to turn into a draki. So this move into the human world is welcomed by everyone but Jacinda. She is forced to acclimate to a new school in a desert clime where her inner draki seems to be dying out. Only one thing is keeping her draki alive, and that is Will, a forbidden crush and her mortal enemy. He is a hunter, those who go after draki in order to harvest their skin, blood, and gems. But Will seems different from his hunter brethren, and he and Jacinda soon partake in a forbidden romance where neither one truly knows what the other is and surprises abound up until the cliff-hanging ending.

If you are a young adult/paranormal/romance fan, then Firelight will be a true pleasure. It is chaste and simple reading, appropriate for middle school and early high school. In fact, the choppy and short sentences in the first person narrative were my only large complaint with the novel. Until halfway through the novel, it was very difficult for me to get into. I was getting sick of the short sentences and directives told from Jacinda’s point of view. I’m not a fan of inner dialogue, I prefer dialogue between characters. Hopefully Sophie Jordan will keep the momentum and give fans a more dialogue filled sequel (and I definitely hope there will be a sequel).

This book/series has definite potential. I liked it, liked the premise, and liked the relationship between Jacinda and Will. I would like to see a bit more of Cassian (alpha male that is essentially betrothen to Jacinda in the pride). Who doesn’t like a healthy love triangle?

But those short, choppy thought-sentences need to go.