Living Within the Pages – Book Review #5

9 11 2010

Title: At Grave’s End

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Series: Night Huntress (#3)

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.35

Alex’s Rating: 4.5

In this third installment of the Night Huntress series, Cat and Bones are back together and back in action. Even though Bones has joined Cat’s team in fighting the rogue undead, he can’t help that she is being recognized before their jobs even have the chance at succeeding. Because of the ceremonies and instances in the last book, Cat is known to the undead world and it is no secret Bones’s lover has a target on her back.

This of course isn’t the only problem. Just when Cat and Bones try to discover who has called the hit on her pretty red head, they are both dragged into a war in which the target is now Bones. The entire book revolves around a plot involving a two thousand year old scorned lover named Patra, and she is out for more than blood. She wants Bones dead in order to stop her fate from coming to pass.

Like the two previous novels, this book packed quite a punch. So many twists, turns, fights, betrayals, “turncoats,” and action…this book will not disappoint the lovers of the genre. There are so many new character and plot introductions that turning each page is a true joy and pleasure. I was sad to end this book and it is with that sadness that I pay the highest compliment to the author.

Cat and Bones continue to be the best bad-ass couple out there, never failing to capture my attentions with their sarcasm, irony, and nasty little quips. They are two of my favorite characters, the one only being so great because of the other. And that my fellow readers, is how you character build.

I don’t want to continue on much longer because it is much more fun to turn each page and discover all of the new treats Jeaniene Frost laid out for yourselves. If you are a vampire fiction, paranormal, romance, or urban fantasy fan, then this book will entice, excite, and leave you wanting more than just a nibble. I recommend this for all fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Midnight Breed series. Even those just entering the world of PNR (paranormal romance) should definitely add this series to their collection.




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