Living Within the Pages – Book Review #4

5 11 2010

Title: One Foot in the Grave

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Series: Night Huntress (#2)

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.37

My Rating: 4.5 

I was anxious to start this book due to the cliff-hanging and sad ending (in my opinion) of the first book. I began the NH series in London and only brought the first book with me as I wasn’t sure I would have time to read or like it as I was just finishing up the Midnight Breed series novels by Lara Adrian. Boy was I pissed at myself for not bringing the second one along. I finished the first book a few days into my two-week trip and had to substitute this second book for the other PNR book I brought along…Dark Hunter #1 by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and let me say this, it was a poor, poor substitute and time filler. Of course I read it and finished it, but I was upset I couldn’t have the next three NH series to read until I got back this Saturday, October 30. On Halloween Day I went out to buy the last two of the NH series so I could have them at my disposal when I finished the second one. And on Sunday, that is what I did. I finished the second book of the series and finished the third and fourth two days later. Three books in three days, I guess you could say I enjoy Frost’s series.

Anyway, to my review. This second book picks up again with Cat Crawfield, half-vampire, half-human hybrid who is now a Special Agent for the FBI’s paranormal division. We learn many exciting new things in this book, get introduced and acclimated with new characters such as Tate, Dave, Cooper, and the re-appearance of supernaturals from Bones’ past and present.

This story does not disappoint and was a great follow-up to the first NH novel. I was upset by Cat and Bones’ break-up in the first book and was extremely excited to see that remedied in this novel. Call me a sucker, but I enjoy a happy ending. Although the relationship is not easy, nor does it get any easier throughout the series, Cat and Bones are ever strong, fierce, and deeply in love, and that is the reason I believe this series works so well and has so many fans.

This book tells the story (or expands on it) how Bones is connected with Ian and Spade. Frost includes again how the three “men” are connected and there is the introduction of Mencheres, a prominent figure of the vampire community and in the next novels of the NH series.

Again, I enjoyed how kick-ass and fast-paced Frost’s writing is. Just when things seem to be dying down, and as much as I’d like to see Bones and Cat get some down-time, the story picks up with another phone call or door knock that has trouble on the other end. If you enjoyed the first of the series, you will enjoy the second. Hook, line, and sink…or bite, whichever you prefer.



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