Living Within the Pages – Book Review #2

20 09 2010

Title: Falling From Grace

Author: S.L. Naeole

Series: The Grace series (#1)

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.51

Alex’s Rating: 4

Falling From Grace follows the life of seventeen year old Grace Shelley. Over the summer she confessed her love for her best friend, Graham, and he rejected her. She has always been considered an oddball, Weirdo Grace, and different, and being rejected by Graham, the only friend she had, solidified her status as an outsider. (We don’t learn until later in the book that she is considered an outsider due to an accident when she was younger in which her mother perished and she walked away unscathed.) The first day back at school, she meets a “beautiful stranger” named Robert—tall, black hair, liquid silver eyes, and speaks with a British accent. All of the girls are fawning over him, but he seems to be oddly intrigued by Grace. The rest of the novel unfolds into a courtship and development of the characters of Grace and Robert as he slowly lets her in on little secrets. He can read the minds of humans, he can allow Grace to read certain thoughts, and most importantly, he is an angel. A juvenile angel awaiting the individual who will bring him his wings and receive his call to serve a duty for Heaven. The story also follows Graham, his girlfriend Erica, a nasty and spiteful typical teenage villain, Stacey, and Robert’s family, his sister Lark and his mother Ameila. Falling From Grace is the first novel in the Grace series by S.L. Naeole, three of the novels currently out on Kindle and only the first out in print.

Overall, I personally enjoyed this novel. I am a sucker for paranormal love stories, and this did not disappoint. The disappointment has come from the fact that I do not own a Kindle and I will not be able to read books two and three of the series until they come to print. I also have qualms because there were a significant amount of typos within this text. Forgotten periods, additional prepositions just inserted within the text, etc. I do not know if this is because there was a conversion error going from Kindle and eBook editions to print, but it was extremely distracting and I hope it is fixed in the upcoming editions. If not for the wonderful storyline (although I did get frustrated with both Robert and Grace at times) the typos would have made me put the book down and demand a refund.

I enjoyed this angel story because it had nothing to do with religion. It gave angels a place among mythological creatures that were both good and bad, but not necessarily governed by the church, and in today’s society, I think the more non-denominational angel stories can be, the better.

Kudos to S.L. Naeole for also succeeding in young adult series that is not stereotypically YA. It had an air of maturity about it and that was enjoyable. I believe adults will find this story sweet, and teens who have never really fit in to have a hope of something beautiful coming their way.

The other books in the series: Bird Song (Grace Series #2)(available on Kindle, not available in print yet); Black Halo (Grace Series #3)(available on Kindle, not availabe in print yet); Grace of Day (Grace Series #4)(release date not yet available).



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3 11 2010
S.L. Naeole

Mahalo for this review!

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