Job Update!

20 09 2010

As of Monday September 13, my job search came to a halt. I was hired as an Associate Editor for Pearson Learning Solutions and am currently in my second week. I assist the senior content specialist in whatever capacity necessary, editing corporate education projects such as the Cypher books by Cypher Entertainment LLC. I will update my duties as the job continues. On another exciting note, I am going to London October 17 through the 30th to work with Penguin Group’s Puffin imprint in the marketing and publicity department. I have been trying to break into the fiction job market, and this two week work experience is my first opportunity. I am hoping that with the experience with Puffin and my current position as an Associate Editor will help me get to New York by next year. Wish me luck! More book reviews to come!



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21 09 2010
Charlene Ang


I stumbled upon your blog and, although we’ve never met, I can’t help but feel excited for you!

I’m also hoping to land an editorial job when i graduate but, because of my advertising background, I’m also thinking about a marketing/ publicity position. To top it all off, I’ve always wanted to work with the Penguin Group/ Puffin imprint! So now you can see why I’m so excited for you.

Congratulations and I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences! 🙂

21 09 2010
Alexandra Maurer

Hi Charlene!

Thank you so much for the well wishes. I greatly appreciate it. I too am extremely excited and I will try to keep my blog updated while I am abroad. What advertising background do you have? That was/is my other love and I am still not ruling it out. I have done some layout and ad design for the Indianapolis Business Journal, and I truly enjoyed it. Anything in the creative industry really.

Hope to know more about your adventures!

21 09 2010
Charlene Ang

You’re very welcome!

I live in Toronto and I have an Advertising diploma from Sheridan College. In terms of experience, I’ve interned at two ad agencies in the past where I tried my hand at accounts management. I also typed up copy for websites and marketing collaterals for some of their clients.

But for now, I’m at York University. I’m hoping to graduate with a BA in professional writing and book publishing.

All the best in London! 🙂

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